Cucumber and courgette

Today I said goodbye to the two lovely sunflowers, but after cutting them down I have realized that I should have waited a bit longer for the seeds to dry out. Lesson learned! 

The garden is looking fine, I am pleased that the cucumber plant is growing vigorously and so is the courgette plant. The leaves of the courgette plant has turned whitish, but I think they look OK. I have decided to stop watering for a while (two days or three) to encourage the roots to go deeper. I've been watering everyday which isn't doing them any good. I have also staked the cucumber vines to aid vertical growth, which will hopefully lead to better crop. We'll see! 


  5/6//2015 6/6/2015

In the same pot I have planted 2 pepper plants and a lettuce, They aren't doing great clearly because they are shaded by the big leaves of both the cucumber and the courgette. Another lesson learned. 
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